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Laibachink is a professional Tattoo Studio located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Our biggest passion is striving to emphasis uniqueness and individualism in our work, and uniting your vision and individuality with our unique sense of style & design. The Laibachink team is driven by high standards and professionalism in the industry; we have won numerous honors and awards both at home & abroad. For our work we only use products and materials of the highest quality.

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You must be at least 18 years old to get tattooed in our studio.


Tattooing is not advised for individuals with problematic skin (allergies, psoriasis, skin mold, skin pigmentation issues, etc.) or other dermatological conditions, hemophilia (as well as using blood-thinning medications), epilepsy, diabetes, heart conditions and/or high blood pressure. Tattooing is also not advised for people undergoing therapy on strong medications, bodybuilders or other athletes using anabolic (steroids), as well as individuals suffering from mental health issues.


It is each customers’ duty to notify present employees of their health conditions beforehand.


We do not work on individuals diagnosed with transmitted diseases or viruses (Hepatitis A, B and C, HIV, etc.), as well as individuals with transmitted skin conditions (including nails and any kind of skin parasites). Women who are breast-feeding or are pregnant, as well as individuals under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol cannot get a tattoo at Laibachink.

We vouch that our studio is always clean, sterile and up to standards. Any potential risk for transmitted viruses and diseases at our workplace is non-existent.

In order to ensure maximum safety at our Tattoo studio, we use only high-quality, certified tools and equipment from globally renowned manufacturers. Each needle we use is brand new, high-quality and sterile. Our instruments are mechanically cleaned; we only use disposable materials. Each item that could potentially come in contact with blood or other body fluids is protected by foil at all times. Our coloring Ink is dermatologically tested by the manufacturer and is therefore deemed harmless. In specific cases potential allergic reactions are not excluded. All colorings undergo laboratory tests carried out by the Ministry of Health Department.


Tattooing is only deemed harmless when performed by an experienced, specialized individual who provides:


– Sterile equipment and workplace hygiene,

– disposable needles that are appropriately disposed afterwards,

– hygiene and protection for items susceptible to transmitted viruses and diseases,

– disposable protective gloves that are appropriately disposed afterwards,

– consistent hand washing and sanitizing.


Customers are, at all times, expected to strictly follow the guidelines provided by the professionals at hand.

Customers suffering from any form of transmitted infections of the scalp, skin or nails (including any kinds of skin and/or scalp parasites) should inform our artists about their conditions in advance.

The easiest way to avoid potential infections is to do a background check on the artists’ previous references beforehand, and to follow your designated artist’s instructions on Tattoo care afterwards. An unprofessional and/or unhygienic procedure may lead to potential bacterial infections and viruses (Hepatitis simplex). The signs of infection are usually visible shortly after the procedure; the Tattooed area is visibly more reddish, inflamed, hurtful, the wounds aren’t healing properly. These are usually signs of skin infections, abscess, etc.


Allergic reactions to Ink colorings are very rare, but not non-existent. The only color that supposedly causes allergic reactions is red – all other colors are hypoallergenic. Before deciding on getting a color Tattoo, the customer needs to make sure they don’t have any kinds of allergic reactions to compounds regularly found in Ink colorings. The typical signs of an allergic reaction to colorings are itches, inflammations and/or sepsis. The most common symptoms are skin blush and eczema.


At Laibachink studio we strictly follow all hygienic and health codes and regulations so the procedures as are also always highly professional. The risk of infection with hepatitis, tuberculosis, syphilis, HVC or HIV is as minimal as it gets. Our tattoos are always high-quality and executed properly, eliminating the possibility of keloids and/or granuloma. The chances of getting any kind of infection in our studio is minimal.


Keep in mind that the skin area where the Tattoo was made will never be quite the same as it was before. Even the ink removal laser techniques leave some marks behind; usually the skin area will have a different hue. Laser ink removal is a long and painful process.


In our tattoo studio we use the DC Invention Company brand products of the highest quality, specifically designed to cater the needs of the tattoo-making industry. This would not be possible without the assistance of Carantania tattoo supply, who make sure that all of our equipment and materials in the studio are certified, and on par with the highest standards required to operate in the tattoo-making industry.

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